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We Begin Our Solar Year Programs Sept 21, 2020 The Date Of The Fall Equinox! If You Want To Create MAJOR CHANGE In The Area of Love, Manifestation, Connectedness and Spirituality -- Register for One Of Our Year-Long Empowerment Programs!

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The Nine Superpowers Manifestation Program (formerly WakeAnda)

If you are reading this you are a seeker, you have been working on your mindset and manifestation for quite some time, maybe for years! You have a handle on what it means to Create Your Life! What you might want to add is THE DIRECT EXPERIENCE of the Nine Quintessential Powers within YOU!

The Nine spiritual powers are as old as time and can be found in most of the world's spiritual traditions. You will discover each and see how they connect to the big three religions as well as indigenous cultures worldwide! These super powers are hidden in plain sight here in the west as we can find them in movies like The Matrix, the Marvel comics, and so many more.

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The 13 Moons Manifestation Program

Each month the moon moves throughout the entire zodiac from Aries to Pisces. There is a New and Full Moon each month in a new astrological sign. Each sign speaks to 30 degrees of human consciousness. A new moon is a time to plant or activate new energies according to where the Sun and Moon come together. And the full moon is the culmination or fulfillment of energies in a particular sign.

The Moon Manifestation System was created at Progressive Love Academy to help us use the moon to manifest two short term goals each month. Utilizing the phases of the moon, we can easily tap into the power to manifest any short-term reality we desire!

The Blue Butterfly Ascension Program

Spend the next 12 months tapping into your natural feminine powers in having the relationships you deserve, mastering communication, creating your life with ancient ritual & magic, raising children with progressive parenting and becoming more sexually aware. We are a global community of amazing and empowered women causing a feminine power revolution and more sanity and bliss for all humanity!

Peaceful Warrior Man Cave Program

The Peaceful Warrior Men's Group is a space for powerful men to be supported in transformation and personal development. This group has been instrumental in the development of character, strength, power and mental fortitude for thousands of men.

Men can expect to become masters of relationships, communication and attraction! Peaceful Warriors are simply the top quality men that women LOVE and ADORE. Peaceful Warriors are Progressive Men who know the new dating and relationship styles that delete toxic masculinity and bring forth the healer in men.

Body Bliss 365 Day Manifestation Program

Our bodies are responding to the images, thoughts and feelings in our mind...

What are your body image issues? Body image denotes the ways your mind perceives the body. The mind perceives the body and then the body is created! This happens on almost a moment to moment basis! That's the way things work.

In like manner, your body can easily respond to positive and processed emotions! When we know the science to processing and dealing with the emotional responses of the heart that hit the mind and end up as waste in the body, then we can easily begin clearing and smoothing out any lumps, bumps and features we no longer want to see on the body!

Come experience focused instruction and hands on practice at BODY BLISS MAGIC!

LGBTQ Forum- Boys to Kings Program

Calling all Gay men who are Progressive, powerful and want to create relationships that are sustainable and deeply connected! This is the program for you! Obtain ALL the Progressive Love power tools from facilitators who have been certified here at PLA! Create your one true LOVE this year in just 365 days using the trainings you will receive in this powerful initiation!


9 SuperPowers Program

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  • Develop dormant aspects of your personality
  • Overcome addictions and unconscious behaviors
  • Increase your ability to achieve your goals
  • Transcend your fears on your way to success + prosperity
  • Develop discipline and positive habits
  • Begin reaching your fullest life potential
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

13 Moons Program

  • Practice guided moon rituals for manifestation
  • Discover how each moon cycle affects your mind, body and spirit
  • Harness the ebb and flow of your own energy blueprint
  • Choose and manifest one relationship and financial objective each lunar cycle
  • Deepen your meditation and trance practice
  • Use proper timing of moon phases to act on your goals and desires
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

BBWomen's Program

  • Cultivate mindfulness through daily practices and accountability
  • Transform your relationships, body and sensuality forever
  • Deepen your understanding and mastery in the areas of metaphysics, manifestation and healing
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your partner for greater intimacy and connection
  • Understand why you choose particular partners in relationships and how to honor each choice
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

Peaceful Warrior Program

  • Learn to manage your relationships more effectively
  • Deepen your discipline around health, spirituality and manhood development
  • Discover how to attract the women you desire
  • Master effective communication tools to be used in relationships and business
  • Incorporate more accountability into all areas of your life
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

Body Bliss Sanctuary

  • Transform any body part as you desire (weight loss, eliminate fibroids, increase fertility, healthy hair and skin, etc.)
  • Discover how to adjust your mindset to optimize your physical health
  • Gain confidence and appreciation of self
  • Develop discipline and self control methods that really work
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

LGBTQ Forum Sanctuary

  • Practice tools to create the relationships you desire
  • Deepen the love and connection with your partner
  • Learn effective tools for communication that eliminate arguments and disagreements.
  • Develop a deeper love and acceptance of self
  • Join a community of support, accountability + acceptance
  • Access to private live coaching
  • Private member forum

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